Learn more about Leadership Development Program Training — LDPx

Pricing: $7,500*
Dates: The 1st Friday of every month from Oct 1, 2021-Sept 9, 2022
Facilitators: Leigh Valudes, VP, and Steve Genn, VP

Course Overview:

LDPx is the key to success for small and mid-sized businesses achieving growth. Benefit from practitioners who are skilled instructors, truly engage your contemporaries, and realize the inherent strength in industry partnership.

This live course consists of monthly, day-long sessions delivered by top Markon executives that feature morning workshops aligned to the Markon Leadership Development Training Arc™ and afternoon peer advisory and coaching practicums.

The year-long course provides:

  • Markon Leadership Development Training Arc™

  • Customized programs

  • Monthly live instructional sessions

  • Live coaching and peer review

  • Afternoon sessions featuring facilitated peer advisory and coaching

  • Certificate of Completion

*Discounted rates available for groups of 3+ and US Government personnel


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